real-estate-tipsHaving been in the business of selling homes for some time, Rod has had the opportunity to see first hand what motivates prospective buyers, and how to optimize the prospects of selling irregardless of whether the market is active or slower.

Many factors can influence a buyers choice other than the obvious price and location scenarios.

When you make the decision to sell there are several points that the every buyer should consider:

  1. Be realistic: Be realistic in your expectations on price, if you are preparing to list/sell.  Rod with the use of the MLS data bases and other sources can research  what other properties in your area have sold for, and with his appraisal experience can offer guidance that is in touch with the market to help you sell within a reasonable time frame. Remember the longer a home is listed, the less interest will be generated by realtors and prospective clients.
  2. Home inspection: Buyers today should have a Home Inspection done to get a better understanding of the basic condition of the home and mechanical systems. You should be aware of this to avoid either a major price reduction or the loss of a sale due to some oversight that could have been prevented. In fact, some sellers have a listing inspection performed in order to ensure that there are no major concerns or surprises beforehand. Rod has a list of reputable companies available if needed.
  3. Freshen up the place: Ensuring your home is in tip top shape shows better to a prospective buyer. Freshen up the place. If you are a smoker, repaint some of the rooms (neutral tones are better: as colors won’t interfere with most furnishings a buyer would have). Lighter colors also brighten and visually make a room seem larger. Fix the leaky faucets and sticky doors if you are handy, or hire a repair person – it doesn’t need to be expensive, get quotes and references.
  4. Uncluttered home: You are planning to move anyway, so why not pre pack some of the lesser used items and memorabilia anyway. This will visually make the rooms larger and easier for clients to “envision” how their possessions may fit.
  5. Keep the yard neat: In the summertime, and if it is a home, keep the yard neat and in shape. Street appeal is still the first thing buyers (and realtors) notice. A pleasant experience sets up the rest of the showing more favorably.
  6. Impress realtors, Impress clients: Information on any appliances, security systems, etc., that will be sold with the residence should be available. Put yourself in the buyers position. Anything that will show care and forethought will help to impress realtors and prospective clients.
  7. Highlight the strengths of your property: When listing be sure to note conveniences (i.e.: close to LRT, schools, shopping, access, etc.), and important points on the home (a new hot water tank for example).
  8. Keep the place clean: You never know when it will be shown. An unmade bed, dirty bathtub or stove, a sink full of dishes and cooking odors are the types of things that either turn off buyers, or help promote lower offers.

Work with your Realtor to have Open Houses and stay in touch with your representative. Paying attention to these selling tips will help sell your property faster, maximize your return and avoid surprises.

Rod MacDonald
Phone: (403) 294 – 1500