real-estatte-contractWorking with a Realtor to find a property can be a hectic and harrowing experience for the uninitiated. It doesn’t need to be.

Rod’s experience can help you make an informed and comfortable decision. He takes the responsibility of ensuring you get the best value for your dollar very seriously.

When you make the decision to purchase there are several points that the every buyer should consider:

  1. Realistic price range: Obviously what are you comfortable in paying and what can you afford. If you will require a mortgage, Rod can offer some advice on current rates/terms, but you should see your banker or broker for limits or pre approvals.
  2. Time-frame: When do you want, or need to move. If you have sold or are currently trying to sell a property, these factors can greatly influence what realistic possession dates can be negotiated.
  3. Look at your needs for size and location: These are two of the most important factors to decide at the outset. If commuting is an issue, then don’t overlook accessibility as well.
  4. Preview potential residences: Rod can do this on your behalf. He can also supply the latest listings available by area, price and type of property that may be of interest to you along with pertinent detail information that is published.
  5. Home inspections: This is an integral part of buying in today’s market place. These inspections look at the basic structure, mechanicals and appliances; a key for mortgage companies and buyers alike to be made aware of any significant problems that may pre exist with a property. Rod can supply names of some reputable sources if you require assistance in locating an inspection service.
  6. Smooth Transition: Before any possession date be sure you have arranged movers (if necessary), and contacted all relevant service companies (gas, telephone, cable, utilities, etc.) to ensure a smooth transition into your new residence.
  7. Used Properties: When looking at used properties, be realistic in expectations. Are you handy? Do you need to contract out services to make this place suitable? All of these factors should be considered and discussed with Rod before making a decision.
  8. Rewarding Experience: Remember, most of all, that Rod is working on your behalf. You can have confidence in his knowledge, dedication and honesty to make buying your next home a rewarding experience.